Washzilla Eco Magic Laundry Ball Orb

Washzilla Eco Magic Laundry Ball Orb

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What Is WashZilla and How Does It Wash Laundry So Well?

Each week, heaps of dirty laundry pile up inside every home. Washing all those stained t-shirts, smelly socks, and used towels requires scoop after scoop of harsh, artificial, chemical detergents.

But now there’s a better option, thanks to a new invention called Washzilla. Simply add the WashZilla sphere to the washing machine along with dirty laundry. Run the washing machine as usual, and marvel as clothes come out spotlessly clean, fresh, and without any odor.

The best part? WashZilla is entirely free of harsh chemicals, and it’s reusable for up to 1000 washes. That’s is good for the environment — and the wallet.

WashZilla gets clothes clean without any detergents or chemicals


WashZilla is a recent invention from Japan that is now taking over the world. It is based on a breakthrough in bioceramic technology and contains absolutely no chemicals found in detergents.

In a nutshell, each WashZilla sphere contains hundreds of tiny ceramic pellets, which activate the water to provide improved cleaning power. Although WashZilla will wash even the dirtiest clothes, it is both safe and sustainable, and can be reused over and over again.

WashZilla gets clothes perfectly clean thanks to all-natural bioceramic technology


100% spotless wash
WashZilla’s breakthrough bioceramic technology removes dirt, odors, and stains from even the dirtiest clothes, linens, and underwear

Saves money
A single Washzilla can be used for up to 1000 washes, saving hundreds of dollars during its lifetime

Safe and natural
WashZilla is entirely free of chemicals and is safe to use in any household

Zero detergent smell
Contains no irritating or fake fragrances

No allergies
Because it works without chemicals and artificial fragrances, WashZilla won't trigger skin allergies that can be set off by some detergents

Environmentally friendly
Unlike typical detergents, WashZilla contains no harmful chemicals that can run off into the environment