Blue Chiro Gel Cushion™
Blue Chiro Gel Cushion™
Blue Chiro Gel Cushion™
Blue Chiro Gel Cushion™
Blue Chiro Gel Cushion™
Blue Chiro Gel Cushion™
Blue Chiro Gel Cushion™

Blue Chiro Gel Cushion™

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Sit Healthier with Chiro Gel Cushion™

Combat Poor Posture and Dreadful Back Aches from Sitting All Day!

Sitting for long periods puts enormous pressure on our lower back & spine. Say goodbye to aches and discover ultimate sitting comfort with the Chiro Gel Cushion™.

Designed with Hyper-Elastic Gel Polymer construction to promote excellent circulation for long hours in an office chair, car, wheelchair, bench or plane seat. Highly recommended by Chiropractors and Orthopaedic Specialists with over 20,000 units sold worldwide.

Notable Benefits

  • Achieving Correct Postures

Provides optimal support to the lower back and spine, promoting healthy posture and preventing aches.


Sitting for long periods of time puts pressure on your tailbone and hips. Alleviate your achy spine and backside on the 3D cushion, the support cushion that supports so well that you can sit on an egg without breaking it. Say goodbye to sore, stiff muscles caused by sitting all day or long car rides.

  • Improves Blood Circulation 

Helps to improve posterior region that requires proper blood circulation and reduce swelling.

  • Convenient to Bring Around

Being light and easily foldable, it can be brought every where at any time.

  • Improves Lifestyle

Its ergonomic design assists in the alleviation of lumbar strain, and degenerative disc disorders. varicose veins, obesity and migraines.

Standard support cushions need a hole cut out of the cushion to support your tailbone. Our 3D cushion flexes and conforms to your tailbone and shape, absorbing pressure points.

Sit comfortably with Chiro Gel Cushion™ now for a healthier lifestyle.

Product Details

  • Material: High grade honeycomb gel
  • Package includes: 1 x Cushion Seat + FREE Protective Cover